“Oops! All Bards!” Premieres on The Porch Room Podcast Network!

The Porch Room’s podcast productions are now a part of Spreaker Prime, including Mission: Rejected, which is now the flagship series on The Porch Room Network! The network will allow us to bring you more amazing audio entertainment, both direct from The Porch Room, as well as selected productions by talented friends.

The first of these shows is Oops! All Bards! a Dungeons & Dragons live play podcast created by Mission: Rejected‘s Jill Ivey. Oops! All Bards is an actual-play RPG podcast that does exactly what it says on the box. Five newly-minted bards are supposed to join their adventuring parties after graduating from the Shalomir University of the Magical and Martial Arts, but an incident at commencement means they might be their nation’s only hope. Join the all-bard party for adventure, intrigue, and plenty of shenanigans in this new podcast featuring familiar voices from Mission: Rejected, including Ashley Banks, Anne Coleman, Ross Currie, Bob Killion and Chris Klaniecki.

The first episode is out now. Find it on the Porch Room Network on Spreaker and subscribe on your favorite podcast app!

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