Mission: Rejected Stars on Stage and Screen

Mission: Rejected stars Nazli Sarpkaya (Mackenzie McGrath) and Kirk White (Special Agent Chet Phillips) are starring in new projects this summer!

First up, catch Kirk in the original Hulu comedy Not Okay. It stars Zoey Deutch as a young woman who desperately wants to be famous and beloved on the Internet, only for her efforts to lead to her mistakenly gaining fame as a survivor of a tragedy. Kirk is featured as Charles, a member of a survivors support group which features heavily in the story. See the trailer here:

On the theater front, Nazli Sarpkaya is currently touring the U.S. in Ormantik Komedi (“Woodland Comedy”) by Necmi Yapıcı and Nihan Durukan Yapıcı. The play, a comedy about camping trip, is performed entirely in Turkish (Nazli’s native language). It will be touring major cities in the U.S. all summer and into the fall. Find out more at Necmi Yapıcı and Nihan Durukan Yapıcı https://theatroomart.com/

Nazli Sarpkaya and Nevşim Erzat in “Ormantik Komedi”. Photo: Theatroomart.com

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