Mission: Rejected

The story of the world’s most secret agents…the backups. For the first time in his career, Special Agent Chet Phillips has discovered that he can choose NOT to accept a mission! That means there’s no choice but to send in the “B Team”: A nervous pencil pusher promoted to the field, a computer hacker working off her sentence, a fading former sitcom star and a recently reassigned White House intern. The Porch Room presents this full cast comedy audio adventure with a new episode debuting each month!

Created by Pete Barry, J. Michael DeAngelis & John P. Dowgin

Starring Chris Klaniecki, Nazli Sarpkaya, Dave Stanger, Paige Klaniecki, Faith Dowgin, Kirk White and Kevin McGrath with Ashley Banks and Bob Killion.

Listen to each episode as they debut here or learn more at the official Mission: Rejected website.

Episode One Transcript

Episode Two Transcript

Lord Nero (Bonus Episode) Transcript

Episode Three Transcript

Episode Four Transcript

Episode Five Transcript

Episode Six Transcript

Episode Seven Transcript

Bonus Scene Transcript

Episode Eight Transcript

Episode Nine Transcript

Episode Ten Transcript

Episode Eleven Transcript

Episode Twelve Transcript

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