Antony & Cleopatra: Infinite Lives

Performed September 13-15, 2012 at The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology & Anthropology as part of the 2012 Philly Fringe Festival.

A play-within-a-play version of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra. An Egyptian expatriate gets caught between two revolutionaries—her fiancé, an activist director who tries to upend his commissioned Shakespeare production, and her brother, a nationalist fresh from the violence of Tahrir Square.

Written by Pete Barry & J. Michael DeAngelis
from original text by William Shakespeare

Original Music by Rebecca Kotcher
Designed by Olivia Rutiligano
Stage Managed by Jeanette Elstein
Production Managed by Kelby “Bee” Reed

Produced in association with The Underground Shakespeare Company

Directed by J. Michael DeAngelis

Click here to see photos from the original production.

The Cast

Devin Plantamura     Kitt Marsh
Orysia Bezpalko     Nassima
Dustin Karrat     Gamal
Aaron Dinkin     Lawrence Elemegreen
Hannah Van Sciver     Olivia
W.G.    …   Cleopatra
Dan Wolfe    …   Marc Antony
Barry Slaff    …   Octavius Caesar
Rebecca Kotcher    …   Charmian/Singer
Sam Apfel    …   Iras
Elaine Ogden    …   Octavia Caesar/Canidius
Amelia Williams    …   Enobarbus
Noah Levine    …   Lepidus
Nick DiStefano    …   Proculeius
Megan McMonigle    …   Soothsayer
Ruslan Zagatskiy    …   Demetrius
Jeremy Berman    …   Philo
Chantelle Belic    …   Scarus
Rachel Weinberg    …   Mardian
Lauren Frazier    …   Dollabella
Zach Burchill    …   Roman Guard

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