The Porch Room is proud to announce this exciting new section of our website – our online script library. When you visit our script library, you will be able to read great original works by members of The Porch Room for the stage and screen.

These scripts are provided online free of charge for your reading pleasure. If you are interested in performing one of stage works, we are happy to offer a royalty free license agreement for any stage work that is not currently represented by a publisher. For plays which are available commercially from a publisher, we provide a link to where you can purchase it.

Interested in optioning one of our screenplays? Links are provided to put you directly in touch with its author.

There are currently seven scripts available in the library:

Drop by Pete Barry & J. Michael DeAngelis (Stage, available from Samuel French)
Reunion Special by J. Michael DeAngelis (Stage)
Tricks of the Trade by John P. Dowgin (Stage)
Focus by Pete Barry (Film)
Gravity Hill by Pete Barry (Film)
Reality Television by J. Michael DeAngelis (Film)
Turing Test by Pete Barry (Film)

If you enjoy what you read, or if you have success producing a Porch Room production, please consider leaving us a small donation. This not only helps keep our website and online script library up and running, but the funds will help us continue to bring you great theater and film works for little or no cost!

Check back regularly for new scripts and please tell us what you think! Feedback:

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