New York Casting Announced for “Infinite Lives”

We are pleased to announce the casting for our upcoming production of ANTONY & CLEOPATRA: INFINITE LIVES at the New York International Fringe Festival!

Returning to their roles from the original Philadelphia cast are Devin Plantamura as Kitt Marsh and Dustin Karrat as Gamal. Samantha Apfel, also from the original cast, moves into the role of Cleopatra/Katharine. They will be joined by Thom Boyer as Elmegreen, Tara Cioletti as Olivia, Kyle Smith as Marc Antony/Dan, Chelsea Lando as Enobarbus/Amelia and Nazli Sarpkaya as Nassima.

The complete cast is as follows:

Kitt Marsh Devin Plantamura
Nassima El-Kahir Nazli Sarpkaya
Gamal El-Kahir Dustin Karrat
Dr. Lawrence Elmegreen Thom Boyer
Olivia Tara Cioletti
Cleopatra / Katharine Samantha Apfel
Marc Antony / Dan Kyle Smith
Enobarbus / Amelia Chelsea Lando
Charmain / Rebecca Catherine Cela
Iras / Sam Jackie Sherman
Octavius / Barry Brandon Smalls
Lepidus David Mazzucchi
Dollabella / Farouk Nick Imperato
Soothsayer / Scarus Thanh Ta
Octavia / Canidius Kelsey Bramson


Porch Room co-founder John Dowgin directs the production by Pete Barry & J. Michael DeAngelis, who also produce. As in the original Philadelphia production, Olivia Rutigliano and Rebecca Kotcher provide the costume design and original music, respectively.

Director John P. Dowgin
Writers, Producers J. Michael DeAngelis & Pete Barry
Fringe Company Representative Justis Bolding
Stage Manager Jen Ash
Costume Design Olivia Rutigliano
Original Music Rebecca Kotcher
Graphic Design Kate Davis & J. Michael DeAngelis

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