Muhlenberg College Salutes The Porch Room

Muhlenberg College has penned a wonderful profile of The Porch Room in the latest edition of their magazine.  All four of The Porch Room’s founding members are alumni of Muhlenberg and our name comes from the late, lamented Bernheim House that used to stand on its campus.

Pete Barry, Michael DeAngelis and John Dowgin were all interviewed for the article, which highlights Muhlenberg alumni who have gone on to form independent theater companies.  Also featured in the article are friends of The Porch Room: A Broken Umbrella and Des Moines Social Club.

We’ve got a digital copy of the entire issue for you to read here.  Our profile begins on page 16, but also check out page 35 for a profile on the old Bernheim House as well! Be sure to visit Muhlenberg Magazine.

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