“Deep Fried Everything” Opens July 15th!

Deep Fried Everything is our newest collection of original one-act plays. Life is a carnival and we’re gonna prove it; “Deep Fried Everything” deals with birth, life, death, and everything that falls in between, all in the time it takes you to cross the Midway.

“Deep Fried Everything” will be performed at Piscataway’s Circle Players, as a benefit for that organization, and runs two weekends: July 15, 16, 22, & 23.
Show times are 8 pm. Tickets are $10 for all seats.

The Porch Room’s last collection of one-acts, “Accidents Happen”, received publication by Samuel French following its performance at Circle Players in the summer of 2008.

“Deep Fried Everything” consists of three short plays and a creative sequence of liking segments called “Dark Ride”.

The casts and creative temas are as follows:

“Dark Ride” by Pete Barry & J. Michael DeAngelis
Directed by Pete Barry
Starring David Serfass, Rebecca Serfass and Pete Barry

“Dunk” by Pete Barry & J. Michael DeAngelis
Directed by Erik Hall
Starring Eric Branda, Rebecca Dagnal, John Dowgin, Michael Stratton, Matt Viola and Eric Walby

“Dupe” by John P. Dowgin
Directed by John P. Dowgin
Starring Eric Branda, Kelsey Bramson, Tommy Cesard, Faith Dowgin, John Dowgin, Gennie Fabian, Jeff Maschi, Ian Pratt and Matt Viola

“Drop” by Pete Barry & J. Michael DeAngelis
Directed by J. Michael DeAngelis
Starring Pete Barry, J. Michael DeAngelis and John Dowgin

Tickets can be purchased online beginning June 27th at circleplayers.com, or call 732-968-7555 to make reservations.

“Drop” is produced through special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

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