Mission: Rejected – Meet the Cast

Chris Klaniecki as Skip Granger

Nazli Sarpkaya as Mackenzie McGrath

Dave Stanger as Bowden Montcrief

Paige Klaniecki as Gloria Kovak

Faith Dowgin as Section Chief Zelda Anders

Kirk White as Chet Phillips

Kevin McGrath as The Mission Voice

Ashley Banks as Ocean Girl

Bob Killion as The Admiral, Archie Grant, Security Guy and various

Jill Ivey as Cassandra Helsinki, Lex Hammond, and various

Created and produced by
Pete Barry, J. Michael DeAngelis and John P. Dowgin

Written by
Pete Barry
J. Michael DeAngelis
John Dowgin
Paige Klaniecki

Directed by
J. Michael DeAngelis
Pete Barry

Sound design, music, mixing and editing by
Pete Barry

Additional mixing and recording by
Karen Yang