Devin Plantamura

Devin Plantamura (Kitt Marsh)  is honored to be playing Kitt Marsh in his hometown of New York City, a role he originated in the Philly Fringe. Devin started acting as a grad student at the University of Pennsylvania and is a proud member of the Underground Shakespeare Company. Memorable roles include Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Vindice in The Revenger’s Tragedy, and Paris in Romeo and Juliet. He made is directorial debut with that company’s Duchess of Malfi.  Regionally, he’s appeared as Officer Barrel in Urinetown. Devin is incredibly grateful to John, Pete and everyone at The Porch Room for this opportunity, his family and friends for their support and patience, and most of all to Michael, for being a mentor, friend, and for continually giving him opportunities to grow as an actor.

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